10 Tips for Setting up an Office Move Project Plan

Your business is growing, you’re hiring more employees, and now you need more space. The time has come for your company to move.

When it’s time to plan your move, the best thing you can do is create a plan.

Here are ten tips for getting started on your office move project plan.

1. Primary Person

Choose one person to be the final decision maker. With one person in charge, there will be less confusion over whom to go to for answers.

2. Dates Are Key

Determine early on what the goal and final deadline dates are. Build in a cushion in case something goes wrong, so you have a few extra days.

3. Budget Now and Later

Begin with a rough estimate of what the budget required will be for the move. As you move through the process, check your budget for accuracy.

This will help control costs as last minute things pop up. It will also prevent sticker shock after the office move, and the total expenses are calculated.

4. Make a Custom Plan

While it is helpful to look at premade online office moving plans, they are not customized for your company. Take the time to create a custom project plan for moving offices.

Consider your specific equipment and employee needs. List each task and who is going to be responsible for it.

5. Create a Floorplan

Print out a floorplan of the new office location to design how the company’s furniture will fit into the new space. Label where each employee’s desk, the furniture, and large equipment will fit.

6. Create an IT Plan

In today’s business world, companies can come to a complete stop if the IT infrastructure is not working correctly.

Create an IT plan that includes moving and setup of computers and servers. Designate a person who will be responsible for transferring internet and phone services.

7. Create a Plan for Marketing Materials

Once your office is in the new location, the marketing materials should reflect that! Create a plan for the marketing materials to be updated and ordered.

8. Business Cards

Don’t forget to order new business cards. Order them far enough in advance, so they are ready for distribution as soon as possible after the move.

9. Communication

Create a plan for keeping employees informed of the schedule and important events. Create another plan for advising clients of the move schedule.

10. Moving Service

Determine the moving service you will be using. Your local New Jersey business moving company will provide unique insights for local moves.

Create Your Office Move Project Plan

When creating your office move project plan, designate one point person with authority to make decisions in the moment. Plan out key dates and budgets for the timeline of the move.

Create a floor plan map for the future office. Your full service moving company can assist with this.

Make a plan for marketing items and IT services, so they are ready to go when the move is complete.

Get started creating your office move plan today by contacting us at Freedom Moving & Storage. We can help with your office move.