4 Things You Should Do Before Moving Out of Your Old Home

Every year some 39 million Americans move to a new address within the country. As many of these people can tell you, there’s a lot to be done when relocating to a new home. With so much on your mind, it’s easy to let some crucial steps fall through the cracks.

Here are four things to do before moving to ensure a less stressful relocation. Be sure to add these essential steps to your to-do list.

1. Update Your Address

Ideally, this should be done a couple of weeks before your move date. You can visit your local post office to do this, but it’s simply more convenient to notify the USPS of your new address online.

Keep in mind that the post office will forward certain pieces of mail such as magazines for up to 60 days only. You’ll need to contact any subscription-based companies to update your address to ensure you’ll receive your items regularly at your new residence.

You should also update your address with your credit card companies and bank (if you’re keeping the same one) and on your driver’s license and voter registration.

Do you live in a complex where you have your own mailbox? Don’t forget to leave the key for the new residents.

2. Notify the Utilities Companies and Bank

Any utilities that you use (electricity, gas, water, cable, etc.) should be contacted about your move and move date so they can cancel your service. If there’s a final bill to be paid, they’ll also need your new address.

If you’re switching to a new bank, you’ll need to close your current accounts and make sure your savings are transferred to the new institution.

Any security or alarm service you use should be discontinued as well.

3. Put Together a Moving Essentials Kit

On the off-chance some important items that you need won’t be available for unpacking at your new address right away, putting together an essentials kit of things you may need right away will help. You might include the following in your kit:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Snacks and bottled water
  • Pet food if you have pets
  • Can opener
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Lightbulbs
  • Trash bags
  • First aid kit
  • Dishwashing soap and sponge
  • Mobile device charger
  • Coffee and coffee maker
  • Fire extinguisher and fire alarm for the new home

Having an essentials kit handy will eliminate the scramble to go through boxes looking for important items you may need right away. This kit should last you through the first few days of unpacking.

4. Clean Your Old Home

This is more good karma than anything else, but it’s considerate to give your home a thorough cleaning so the new residents won’t find any dust bunnies or cobwebs lurking in the corners. It will also help you to take a last look around so that no items are left behind.

If you’re taking your appliances with you, you may be surprised to see what’s accumulated underneath through the years. Give each room a good vacuuming and dust all surfaces, including shelves. Mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.

These Things to do Before Moving Will Ease Stress

Packing, recycling, and selling your possessions in anticipation of a move can take up a lot of your time. It’s easy to forget the “smaller” but no less important steps like the one we’ve listed above. Taking the time to do these things before moving will result in a less stressful transition.

If you live in the Hoboken or NYC area and need assistance with your move, contact us for a free moving quote. At Freedom Moving & Storage we can take some of the work and worry away from relocating.