How to Reduce Animal Moving Stress

Moving may be a stressful experience for your entire family — even your pets. If your pet gets nervous with small changes, you’re likely dreading the day of the move itself. A stressed pet leads to a whole lot of nasty symptoms like fur loss, upset stomachs, and a whole lot of howling or meowing. […]

6 Can’t Miss Festivals in NJ

Hot air balloons, pumpkin painting, fireworks and the US Air Force Thunderbirds all have something in common. They are all part of festivals held in the garden state – New Jersey. Keep reading for the six exciting New Jersey events that celebrate culture, music, and food. 1. XPoNential Music Festival Held in Camden, NJ in […]

How to Change Schools for Your Child When You Move Mid Year

Switching schools isn’t always easy for kids. It can be especially difficult when the relocation happens in the middle of the school year. Knowing how to change schools is essential for a smooth transition. From making new friends to adapting to a new classroom and curriculum, there are a lot of intimidating and overwhelming things […]

How to Safely Ship Antiques to Your New Home

Antiques can make moving tricky as they usually have a higher monetary and sentimental value than some of your other possessions. Any slight amount of damage to your antiques can diminish their value. With all of the other stresses of moving, you don’t want the stress of possibly breaking your family heirlooms or antiques added […]

5 Tips for Moving to New York City

So, you’re planning on moving to The Big Apple? Moving to New York City is incredibly exciting. It’s full of culture, life, and opportunity. Since a lot of other people want to live in New York City, the housing demand is high, which means you’ll be paying top-dollar for an apartment. You might need to […]