The Best Family Friendly Spots in Hoboken

Home sweet Hoboken. This trendy city is popular among all demographics from young children to twenty- and thirty-somethings, and even much older generations. That’s because there’s an overwhelming amount to do packed in its little quarters. If you’re looking for a small-city experience away from Manhattan, Hoboken is your place. For families, there is an […]

5 Things to do in Hoboken After Your Move

Looking for things to do in Hoboken after your move to New Jersey? There are many exciting things to discover, including how the neighborhood got its name (it has to do with tobacco). After a smooth move, there’s nothing like settling in and exploring your new surroundings. Good news – there are tons of fun […]

What To Consider When Choosing Between A Public And Private Elementary School

The importance of early elementary years is crucial for a child’s intellectual development. It’s also a big factor in a child’s social development. Of the countless stressors that come with moving to a new city, your children’s acclimation in a new elementary school is one of the biggest. You want the best for your children, […]

5 Surprising Facts About The History of Hoboken

Have you recently settled down in the great city of Hoboken? Looking to learn more about your new stomping grounds? Maybe you’re considering a move to the Mile Square City – you’ve got your sights set on that Manhattan skyline. Regardless of the reason for your quest to learn Hoboken trivia, you won’t be disappointed […]

3 Amazing Reasons You Should Move To Hoboken NJ

With New York City real estate prices reaching stratospheric heights, there’s a little city across the Hudson with charms all its own homeowners can look to. Enter Hoboken NJ — you won’t even have to pump your own gas. Sure, “New Jersey” doesn’t have the same romantic connotations as “New York,” but this city of […]