4 Packing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Boxes

The average American will move over 11 times in their life. But just because we have a lot of practice at moving doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful! However, if you’re well-prepared and follow the right packing tips, you can make your transition as easy as possible. Here are four packing tips to get the […]

5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Transition to a New Home

Moving is always bittersweet. On the one hand, you’re excited to get a fresh start and make a new city your new home. On the other, it can be hard to say goodbye and to get adjusted to a different setting. The latter usually hits kids harder than anyone else in the family. After all, […]

Healthy Road Trip Snacks Your Kids Love

Moving is stressful. In fact, research shows moving is one of the most stressful things a person can take on in their lifetime. Choosing the right snacks for the car doesn’t have to be. Conscientious parents want their road trip snacks to be healthy. Don’t worry, mom and dad, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading […]

Guide to Setting up Gas and Electricity for the First Time

When moving to a new area, it’s crucial to set up utilities. Setting up gas and electricity for the first time can take some time, especially if you need a new provider. You want to be able to enjoy your new home as soon as you get there. And you’ll need lights when you unpack […]

How to Pack Your Car Before You Move

The average person moves over 11 times in their lifetime. Chances are, you’re going to want to know how to pack a car when moving. It’s tempting just to throw everything in the car and go, but you’re probably not maximizing the space in the car, and your stuff might break in transit. Keep reading […]