Get Your Ducks In a Row: How to Prepare Your Employees for an Office Move

Despite the inconveniences that relocating may cause, it’s an exciting accomplishment overall. Usually, when a business needs to move, it’s because they’re growing and need a larger space. It also can mean they’re opting for a more modern office.

Whatever your situation is, be proud of your commercial moving experience! But, keep in mind preparing your employees for the move can be difficult. It’s essential you’re all on the same page to keep operations running smoothly.

Office relocation is a massive transition among a workforce, so they cannot be blind-sided. Here’s how to prepare your employees for a peaceful move.

Effective Communication

As with all significant changes in the workplace, you need to keep your employees in the loop right from the start. Transparency among employers and their employees is crucial.

But, it’s not enough to just say when and where the company will be moving. You need to explain to your employees why the move is taking place, and what it will mean for them.

Some key topics to cover with your staff include:

  • Any new hiring or termination that will take place, as a result of the move
  • Any effect the move will have on your clients or customers
  • Logistic updates, including the impact on suppliers

Include Employees While Moving

One way to minimize conflict during an office move is to get your employees involved. This will help them feel like an integral part of your new business endeavor.

Allow your employees to have a say in the layout and design of the new space. After all, they’ll be in those trenches, day in and day out. Having an appealing office space will create more anticipation for the big move.

Also, try establishing a few committees within your workforce who can assist with the move. You can have a group who handles employee questions, one in charge of cleaning/packing, or one who arranges an “office-warming” party.

Organization Party

A commercial move is a perfect opportunity for employees to part with their lingering desk clutter. Of course, this usually isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. But, you can make it a more enjoyable experience by creating an “office cleaning party.”

You can make this tedious task far less drab by providing some fun incentives. Take a non-busy Friday and arrange for a company party to happen once the cleaning is over.

Incentivize your employees by having contests, such as “Fastest Cleaner” or “Neatest Space.” Plus, the faster the cleaning gets done, the faster they get to the party!

For All Your Commercial Moving Needs

Relocation of any kind is a significant change, but commercial moving tends to be more challenging. That’s because there are far more parties involved in these instances.

Freedom Moving & Storage understands how stressful moving can be for your employees. We ensure our moving team gets you from point A to point B, as easy as possible.

If your business is planning a big move, let us help out. It doesn’t matter if you’re going across the country or the street, we’ll find a solution for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.