How to Safely Ship Antiques to Your New Home

Antiques can make moving tricky as they usually have a higher monetary and sentimental value than some of your other possessions. Any slight amount of damage to your antiques can diminish their value. With all of the other stresses of moving, you don’t want the stress of possibly breaking your family heirlooms or antiques added to it.

Since your antiques are no doubt very meaningful to you, advise your mover that you have antiques that will be part of your relocation. Your moving consultant will assist you and incorporate any special logistics into your moving plan.

Continue reading to find out ways to properly prepare and ship your antiques to your new home.


Start by cataloging your antique items. Document each one including the brand, production year, serial number, as well as additional details that identify and place value on them. Note any existing damage or repairs as well. Take clear, quality photos or videos of each item.


Have a qualified, certified appraiser determine the current value of the antiques you intend to move. In case anything happens during the move the detailed list and appraisal information will be necessary for making a claim.


Make sure your antiques are insured based on the appraisal. Most moving companies do not cover the cost of high-valued antiques. Discuss your moving protection plan with your moving specialist to make sure you have the most appropriate additional insurance.

Protect and Pack

An ideal suggestion for packing antique furniture for a move, particularly more substantial pieces, is to allow professional packers to handle the job. Consult with your moving specialist to see if they provide professional antique packers for an additional fee. If any damage occurs during the move, most insurance companies will only cover items that were professionally packed.

When valuable antique furniture is involved, it is essential to take extra steps to protect those valuables.

Before the professional packers come, you should check with a local antiques professional or dealer to determine if your items need any special cleaning.

Your professional packers and movers will take the appropriate steps to wrap and pad the items to prevent scuffs and other damage. Also, they will determine if the large items need to be packed in custom crates for optimal protection.

Be Available

It is important for you to be present when your antiques are packed in case the packers and movers have questions. It is also essential for you to be there when your items come off the truck so that you can confirm that everything is in order and fill out any required paperwork.

Enjoy Your Antiques in Your New Home

Follow these guidelines to ensure your treasured possessions are handled with the greatest care and arrive at your new home safely. If you need moving help contact us for a quote on your next move.