How to Make Packing Boxes the Easiest Part of Your Move

Moving brings out all the feels: the excitement of a new start, the anxiety of logistics, and the sadness of leaving an old life behind. One little thing can take a great deal of stress out of experience: packing boxes.

At no point in your life will you rely on cardboard more than you will during a move. That’s OK, corrugated cardboard was the trusty companion to roughly 35 million movers in the U.S. last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here are a few things to know to make your move a little smoother.

Before Packing Boxes

Before you pick up your boxes, you need to do some thinking. Develop a plan!

Make Time Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Start thinking about your packing plan as early as you can. That way you can address possible situations you might run into when it comes time to actually get down to it.

Pick a time and give yourself enough time to pack. Unless you can fit all your stuff into a suitcase, packing the night before the big day won’t cut it.

Keep It All Straight From the Get-Go

Also, develop a packing and labeling system to help you keep track of your stuff. Keep your system simple and memorable, especially if you are getting help from someone. Packing things from the same room in a box is one way to keep it simple.

Time to Get Resourceful

If you are looking to save a buck (and the planet), reuse boxes. There is almost always someone near you that has recently moved and wants to get rid of boxes. Many businesses that deal with shipping often will give away boxes.

When to Go New

However, you never know what you’re going to get when you go used on packing boxes. If this worries you, put your mind at ease and buy some new boxes.

Simply put, a newer box is going to be more reliable. Also, if you buy boxes from a shipping or moving company they may have a label system on the box already. Further, shipping and moving companies have really smart people designing boxing products that fit and stack together neatly, making filling that truck easier.

Use What You Got

Anything made of cloth usually makes for good padding for fragile items. Put dish towels between plates. Put cups in socks. Wrap blankets or towels around furnishings.

Don’t Be a Hero

No one is going to be impressed by you blowing your back out carrying a heavy box. And movers will appreciate a little less wear and tear from your smart packing. Pack heavy things into smaller boxes, and lighter things into larger boxes that are clearly labeled heavy or light.

It’s silly to pack boxes full of air. Make sure to use those Tetris skills to make sure you are packing your boxes efficiently. If you are worried about a box’s weight, consider adding padding to make sure things don’t slide around. Here are a few more tips from the pros.

Call a Professional

There is no shame in bringing in the big guns. If you have more stuff than you can handle or if you have special moving needs, call a professional to take on the challenge.

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