How to Prepare For Moving (So It’s Easy for Everyone)

OK, we all know that moving is right up there on the ‘most stressful life events’ list.

However, there are lots of things in your control that can help you make it much less of a headache for everybody.

Follow our handy checklist as you prepare for moving and it’ll go a lot smoother than you might have anticipated.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Thinking of renting a truck and doing it all yourself? Maybe you should reconsider.

Key things to consider are your own personal safety (think of your back…), the safety of your possessions, and the stress that’s involved. Professional movers know how to safely move and transport your things so that everything gets there in one piece.

It pays to think ahead on this one. Several weeks before, make inquiries so that you don’t wind up hiring someone just because they’re available.

Get Rid of Junk

How frustrating would it be to spend money transporting and then rehousing things you’ll never need again?

Even before your house goes on the market, decluttering makes sense. Store anything that you need but make sure to be ruthless and let go of things that you know you simply don’t need.

Reduce Your Food Stock

You might not be preparing for the end of the world, but the likelihood is you’ve got some food stocked up in your cupboards and refrigerator you’d probably rather not carry with you to your new home.

Again, don’t be afraid to be ruthless and ditch things that are past their use-by date. With food that’s still good, plan to use it up before you leave and adjust your weekly shopping accordingly. You can always stock up again at your new place.

Paperwork to Prepare For Moving

Several weeks before you leave, start thinking about who you need to notify about your change of address. Then, complete a Change of Address Form at the US Post Office.

It would be useful also to collect any paperwork relating to the property that you’d like to leave for the new owners.These might include warranties and guarantees for appliances that you are leaving for them or work that you have had done.

It would be good to send an email to friends to let them know when and where you’ll be moving.

Pack in Stages

Once you’ve decluttered, you can see the things you have that you really need.

Categorise them by occasional use and everyday use, and box anything that you won’t need to use between now and leaving. Carefully label your boxes and work your way through the house a week at a time.

Several days before you leave, have each family member pack a suitcase as if they were going away for two weeks. Then you can pack all remaining clothing, and this will tide you over until you’re in your new home.

The Takeaway

Follow this checklist, and you can make your move much more manageable. The right moving company will have more tips and tricks to help you on your way.

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