Top Tips Movers Want You to Know

If you are considering, or have already hired, a moving company to handle your upcoming relocation, you are off to a great start! However, there are things you should know that will not only help make your move a quick, easy one but can also significantly help your movers as well.

Here are some of the top tips your movers want you to know.

Be Ready for the Movers

If you have opted for no packing or partial packing on moving day make sure you have completed the packing before the movers arrive. Be ready for them just to load the items you have packed onto the truck.

If you have a full pack, then you will want to have the items that you are taking with you (jewelry, personal documents, medications, etc.) separated out and marked so they are not accidentally loaded.

Create Easy Access

Be sure to create access for the truck by moving your vehicles and any outside obstruction or items out of the way.

Moving can become a messy experience. You are sure to have boxes, tape, paper and your personal belongings scattered all over your home, which might interfere with your movers when they come in to move you. Be sure to clear away the supplies and create an accessible path so that the movers have access and can get right to work.

Label Boxes Properly

Correctly labeling your boxes will ensure that they are unloaded in the proper area of your home when you arrive. It also allows the movers to see which boxes contain fragile items.

Be sure to label each side of every box – not the top which gets covered up when boxes are stacked. Also indicate the contents, the room it is going to, and any other special instructions on the label.

Empty the Drawers

Many moving companies have policies that prevent them from moving armoires, desks, dressers or side tables that contain items in the drawers. Remove all of these items before the movers arrive so that the furniture can be loaded on the truck,

Keep Tots and Pets Safely Out of the Way

Safety is a top priority for movers so kids and pets should be kept out of the way. Ideally, your little ones and furry friends can stay with a sitter on moving day. If not, the next best bet is to keep them occupied in a quiet, designated safe room with an adult to keep them out of harm’s way.

Stay Available

Your movers will likely have some questions for you and may need some direction on moving day. It is essential that you stay around and available as much as possible. While you don’t want to be in the mover’s way, it is helpful if you are around to provide answers should the need arise.


Usually, movers don’t expect a tip. However, it is appreciated when given. It is typically recommended that you tip your movers depending on how satisfied you are with their service. Things to consider are any special circumstances or obstacles they had to tackle during the move like long carries, staircases, unusual obstacles.

A Successful Job

Keep these helpful tips in mind, and your movers will be able to complete their job quickly and effectively.


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