5 Key Things to Do When You Move to a New Neighborhood

things to do before moving into a new house

You’ve spent ages planning your move to a new neighborhood.

The big day has finally arrived. You’re among the 35.5 million Americans who have patiently waited for the moving truck this year. You’re finally ready to settle in.

Here are the first five things you need to take care of after your move day is complete.

1. Unpack, But Don’t Stress!

Unpacking is essential, but seriously, you could leave some of it until a little later.

Having a moving strategy helps here. Designate one of your boxes as a ‘day one kit’ when packing. Include a pan or two, some towels, and other things you’ll definitely want right away.

Make sure to put it somewhere it’ll be easy to find and unpack. That way, you can settle in quickly and leave the majority of the unboxing until later.

Besides, do you really need to unbox the TV right away? Why not head out and take in the new sights and sounds around you instead?

2. Get to Know the Neighborhood

First up, get outside and take a walk. It’ll make a nice break from all that unpacking.

Having a wander is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the local geography, but don’t forget to search online for its hidden gems.

Be sure to ask passers-by for recommendations too. They already know the best coffee shops, bars, shops, and everything else you need to know, and hopefully will be happy to share their insight.

3. Meet the Neighbors

Moving home is challenging both mentally and physically.

One great way to reduce the mental stress is to start reaching out to your new community. Build a network, and get to know a few people.

Knocking on next door and asking if they’d like to come over for a drink is one way to break the ice. But you can also head to community events like local sporting events, farmer’s markets and concerts in the park to make new friends and acquaintances.

You could also start volunteering for a local non-profit – that’s a great way to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.

4. Get The House Checked Out

Here comes the boring stuff. Having an electrician or gas expert (as appropriate) give your house a once-over is not a bad idea.

Also, familiarize yourself with these essential things in your new home:

  • Water Shutoffs
  • Gas meter and shut-offs
  • Electrical panel
  • Sewer access
  • Attic access
  • Property line

5. Enjoy Your New Home

Last but not least, enjoy the experience!

We don’t get to enjoy the excitement of a brand new home that many times during our lives.

Savor it.

Congratulations on Your Move to a New Neighborhood!

Now you’ve settled in a little; we hope your move to a new neighborhood is everything you thought it would be.

And if you’re reading this while still researching your move, maybe we can help.

From local to long-distance moves, our professional teams will handle your move efficiently and effectively – taking the stress off your mind.

Get in touch today.


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