Best Towns on the LIRR to Commute into Manhattan

You’re working in the city but the rent is way too high to justify getting an apartment in Manhattan. There are a lot of great places to live in New Jersey with easy commutes to NYC, but in your heart you don’t want to live in New Jersey. Well, there’s still hope for you, and […]

Best Places to Live in New Jersey When Commuting to Manhattan

So you finally scored your dream job in Manhattan. You’re on Cloud 9, thrilled at this exciting opportunity, but that drops off as you start to look for apartments in the city. With prices constantly skyrocketing, it’s no wonder why so many people have moved into New Jersey and are commuting into the Big Apple.  […]

Everything You Need to Know About Commuting into NYC

Commuting to New York City has gotten a bad reputation. Sure, it takes some getting used to, but navigating the public transit options on your daily commute is actually easy and doable if you follow commuting tips! Pack the Night Before You’ll want to get into the habit of packing everything you need the night […]

Moving Night: A Guide to the First Night in Your New Home

The big day is finally here! It’s moving day! You’ve packed up your entire house and you’re ready to move onto this next journey. Follow our moving tips so that your first night in your new home is relaxing and enjoyable.  Pack Bags For Yourself  In addition to packing all your belongings into moving boxes, […]

Home Buying 101: 5 House Shopping Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

The first time you purchase a home, you’ll encounter inevitable stress and questions. How do you know how much you can afford? When should I begin saving for a down payment? The list goes on. So, if you’re in the market to buy a home for the first time, read on for our guide on […]