Preparing Your Kids For a Long Distance Move

Moving with kids

Moving can seem overwhelming to anyone, but this is especially true for kids leaving everything they’ve known for the terrifying unknown.

We’ve compiled a list of tips for preparing your kids for a long distance move.

Let’s get a move on!

Share The Excitement

It’s hard for kids to get excited about a new place to live if they don’t think you’re excited too. Don’t let them hear you constantly complaining about the stress of moving or they will see this move as a negative event.

Talk about familiar fun activities they can continue doing after the move. For teens or older children, you could have a local youth group take a picture expressing excitement about their move.

Sign them up for activities where they can meet other kids their age and explore their talents and hobbies.

You can also watch movies about moving to get everyone excited!

Take Them On a Virtual Tour

Whether it is a virtual tour of your new house or a Google Street tour of the neighborhood, being able to visualize where they are moving will help.

Let them see the local park or tour the playground equipment at their new school.

Seeing the new neighborhood through a virtual tour will help them picture themselves living there. The move may not seem as intimidating.

A Few of Their Favorite Things

Make sure they’ve got easy access to a few of their favorite things. This means not packing up everything they love and ensuring they have things to entertain and comfort them available while traveling.

Let them help you pack their things so it doesn’t feel like you’re throwing their life into boxes as if they will never see their belongings again. Label boxes well so the one item they need right now can be found without a meltdown on moving day.

When using even the most efficient movers, your items may be packed in a truck for days while in transport from your old home to your new one. Be prepared with clothes, supplies and their favorite things to get through this period.

Something Old & Something New

When planning a long distance move there’s usually some travel involved. Long distance travel can be tiring for families with kids to entertain. Proper planning will make the whole process easier.

Have the kids choose a few toys and activities to keep them busy, but that won’t annoy anyone within earshot of them using it. These should be activities they won’t get bored easily with and not activities requiring a great deal of supervision or assistance to use.

It’s a good idea to have tried and true favorite games, toys or activities but adding a new one can provide insurance they won’t get bored as quickly.

This Isn’t Really Goodbye

Discuss with your kids all the ways you’ll stay connected to your current home. Take lots of pictures, show them how to skype with friends and remind them of social media and internet resources like Facebook and email to keep in touch with friends.

Moving Long Distance Is Not Child’s Play

Listening to and validating your kid’s fears and feelings about this move will help them cope with those emotions.

You taking time to consider their viewpoint and planning can make this move easier on them.

Check out our blog for tips on making your move easier for everyone.


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