3 Amazing Reasons You Should Move To Hoboken NJ

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With New York City real estate prices reaching stratospheric heights, there’s a little city across the Hudson with charms all its own homeowners can look to. Enter Hoboken NJ — you won’t even have to pump your own gas.

Sure, “New Jersey” doesn’t have the same romantic connotations as “New York,” but this city of 50,000 is the perfect place for city birds looking to start a family or just save a few bucks on rent.

Here are three top reasons to pack your bags and move to Hoboken NJ.

1. It’s a Great Small City with Its Own Rich History and Culture

The birthplace of baseball with arguably the best views of Manhattan around is a quaint port town with a rich history.

Famous photographer Dorothea Lange called Hoboken home. So did a little-known singer by the name of Frank Sinatra.

Marlon Brando stalked around its ports in On The Waterfront. And heck, the Oreo was born here (and so was the first Blimpie). What more do you need?

How about architecture. The city is dotted with gorgeous brownstones and streets that reflect the finest grace notes of the Five Boroughs.

The other big benefit of Hoboken NJ is its walkability. Remember the small city thing? It’s actually harder to drive and park here than it is to walk or bike, so you might as well use foot or pedal power.

2. The Nightlife Actually Rules

Another good reason to walk around Hoboken is its nightlife. The city is home to more bars per capita than the Big Apple — or any other city in the U.S.

Hoboken NJ clocks in at around 120 watering holes of various stripes. That’s one bar for every 400 people!

Then, there’s the music. Maxwell’s Tavern has a history of booking famous acts and legendary shows, from R.E.M. to Kurt Cobain, to Bruce Springsteen and Yo La Tengo. Think CBGB’s except it’s, y’know, still actually there.

There’s a reason why it’s been described as the “hipster capital of America” by FindtheBest.com

3. You’re a Stone’s Throw Away from NYC

Too many lists talking about the virtues of Hoboken put this first as if the only reason to visit the city is its proximity to the Big City.

While that’s far from the case, the fact remains that Hoboken’s nearness — and easy public transit access to — New York is a major factor in its attractiveness. It’s a cinch to get in and out on PATH, moving from the bustle of Manhattan to the relative placidity of Hoboken.

For people who prefer a small city/large town feel, but still want to be close to the beating heart of East Coast culture and tastemakers, Hoboken is a match made in heaven.

Making the Move to Hoboken NJ

No matter how exciting your destination, moving is a stressful experience. Organizing, packing, loading, unloading, fretting about the furniture — the list goes on.

Professional short and long-distance movers help make the process easier for you and your household. Get started with a free quote today.


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