5 Tips for Finding the Best Movers and Packers

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Muscle strains, smashed fingers, and dehydration are the most common injuries while moving. Can you afford to take off work after hurting your back from moving?

Not only is moving stressful, but it can be dangerous.

Using the right moving company can ease the stress of packing, backache, and logistics.

Start Researching in Advance

The most important part of moving is the hiring of movers and packers. Start researching companies two months before your move.

Look for local companies that understand the layout of the city, how far you will be moving, and  will provide you with a free estimate to save on expenses. The last thing you want is the driver getting lost and charging you for time spent because they aren’t familiar with the city.

Compare the reviews between companies, talk to friends and family, and make your final decision about a month before your move date. Make a list of your top three choices and start calling to see who is available.

Get References

If you are unable to get information from people you know, ask for references directly from the company. A common practice is to ask for three customers who have moved in the past month and are located in the same area.

Once you get the list, contact the customers and ask about their experience, what they liked, disliked, and if they would use the company again. If the company doesn’t have any references, move to the next one on your list.

Make Sure the Walk Through is Thorough

Before your estimate, the movers and packers will do a walk through of your home. The person who gives the estimate should be asking you questions while looking around your home so they understand the size and scale of the job.

You should also be prepared to answer questions about what you plan on taking with you and what you are leaving behind.

Read the Movers and Packers Contract Closely

After the estimate, you will be asked to sign a contract. Read it closely to avoid paying or unnecessary extra fees.

Another thing to watch out for are blank contracts – never sign these. Signing a blank contract is like handing out a blank check, the movers and packers can put anything they want in there.

Read through the contract and inventory list before you sign anything and before the truck leaves your yard.

Watch Packing Expenses

Packing expenses can add up when the moving company packs your items. Boxes, materials, and labels may be up charged. Ask about cutting costs by providing your own materials or consider packing the belongings yourself.

Keep in mind if you do pack the belongings yourself, anything you break you will be responsible for, where if the moving company breaks it, it will be covered under their insurance.

Moving is simple and stress-free with the right movers and packers.

Follow the tips above and your transition will be a breeze. To start planning your move, call for a free estimate!


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