Pack Like A Pro

Pack like a pro

Moving is hard enough, so everyone can use a little advice from professional movers. As a third generation New Jersey and New York moving company we know the ins and outs of packing like a pro.

Pack like a pro by following these expert packing tips from New Jersey Movers, Freedom Moving & Storage, agent for Mayflower Transit:

The Basics

  • Work backwards and start by packing the items you aren’t using and will not need until after the move is complete: ex) out-of-season items and sports equipment.
  • Do not waste time removing soft, lightweight items from your drawers since your movers will wrap them with blankets and plastic to keep them closed. But, do not forget to remove anything breakable or spill-able to prevent unwanted damage.


Tips for Packing Boxes

  • Group similar items together.
  • Wrap items individually with news wrap, paper towels, tissue paper, and/or bubble wrap. Utilize your towels and blankets as well to pad boxes.
  • Do not overload boxes, but make sure they are firmly packed so items do not shift during your relocation.
  • Be sure to tightly seal your boxes with tape unless they contain any items on the Mayflower High-Value Inventory Form.


Organizing and Marking Boxes

  • As you seal each box, carefully list its contents on the outside in permanent marker to keep yourself organized. Another helpful tip is to keep a separate notebook with the details.
  • Marking each box by room makes the distribution process for movers much easier when arriving at your new home.
  • Indicate which boxes are top priority and be sure to utilize “Last Load” stickers provided by our team.

Ready to Move?
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