5 Essential NYC Commuting Tips for Hoboken Residents

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If you have just moved and are new to the tri-state area, commuting into the city can be a bit intimidating. The huge crowds, many different train lines, and the fast pace of city life take some getting used to. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to make the transition easier.

How to Make NYC Commuting Easier

By following the tips below, you’ll enjoy a smoother commute into the city so you can focus on a productive workday.

1. Learn the PATH Schedule

The Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) is the main train that will get you from Hoboken and other parts of northern NJ into NYC. The PATH runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Four different lines run during the weekday and two that run on weekends and late night.

To get from Hoboken into the lower part of Manhattan, you’ll want to take the PATH’s green line train. If you are commuting to midtown or points above, you can take the blue line train to 33rd street.

2. Know the Buses

While the PATH is convenient, it’s wise to have an alternate method of getting into the city. If you want to take a bus, the 126 to NYC is one of the most convenient options. It runs from Hoboken and ends at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in western midtown.

3. Join the Bridge & Tunnel Crowd

Over 600,000 people commute into New York City every day. If you are going to drive, prepare for delays and traffic. Make sure to give yourself extra time when you leave – add an extra 10 or 15 minutes on to your trip time in case there are accidents or severe congestion.

You will take the Holland Tunnel to get from Hoboken into NYC by car. Make sure to monitor all pertinent alerts to make sure there are no changes in the way the tunnel operates.

4. Take the Ferry

The NY Waterway is $9 for a one-way adult ticket. This trip takes you from the 14th street Hoboken pier to midtown. If you prefer to get into the city without worrying about driving or dealing with congestion, the ferry is a great option.

5. Carpool

Why not help the environment and relieve some of the stress of commuting? If you work with people who also live in Hoboken or nearby areas of NJ, think about carpooling into the city. If there isn’t already a carpool group, create one – not only will it help your commute, it could lead to new friends at work!

Don’t Dread Your Commute

While it’s true that NYC commuting to work can be tough, there are ways to make it less difficult. And once you get to the city, you have the center of the world at your fingertips. For more advice on the northern NJ area, stay up to date with our blog.


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