10 Tips for Packing Delicate Items to Prevent Breaking During the Move

Delicate items packing

Everyone knows that when it comes to packing, fragile and delicate items take extra care because you don’t want them to break while in transit. To help ensure your breakables stay intact, here are ten tips for packing delicate items!

Packing delicate items can be stressful, especially if they’re precious belongings like one-of-a-kind family heirlooms or grandma’s china collection. Let us help you find peace of mind with our top 10 tips on how to safely prepare these items for moving.

By following our tips carefully, you can prevent chips, breaks, and other tragic damages during your moving process.

Crucial Tips for Packing Delicate Items

When packing delicate items, it pays to do it right the first time around. These tips combined will help mitigate the risk of breakage during your moving process, from loading and unloading your belongings to the drive, to your destination.

1. Use Quality Boxes

It doesn’t matter how well you pack your items. If stored in flimsy boxes, you run the risk of breakage. Used, worn, or thin cardboard boxes easily bottom out when too much weight is placed inside of them.

To prevent this mishap, make sure you stock up on sturdy moving boxes.

2. Vary Your Box Sizes

Speaking of boxes, don’t just purchase one size in bulk. By buying a variety of box sizes ranging from shoeboxes to wardrobe boxes, you can pack and store your items more efficiently.

This is especially important with fragile items because you don’t want them sliding around due to extra space inside the box or in the moving truck. Use specialty boxes for things that need extra special care.

3. Pack Fragile Items with Soft, Plush Items

Packing paper and bubble wrap aren’t the only cushioning you can use while packing. Plush blankets and pillows also make great support for your delicate items.

4. Don’t Leave Room for Error

Never leave space between your objects. Jostling can cause fragile pieces to clank together, creating the chips and breaks you’re trying to avoid. Make it a point to use packing material to fill in empty spaces between your delicate items.

5. Individually Wrap Delicate Items

Fragile items from glass and china to artwork and mirrors should be wrapped individually before packing. This extra “insurance” not only provides more padding but also prevents scratches on the item’s surface.

6. Sandwich Items in Packing Material

Before you start filling your boxes, make sure you have enough material to create a cushion at the bottom and top of your box. This additional padding will keep your delicate items sandwiched safely in the middle when other boxes are stacked upon or around it.

7. Pack Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes

When you consider what to pack inside a box, make sure you think about how heavy that box will be once it’s full. You never want to make a box too heavy to carry safely.

Aim to pack heavier items in smaller boxes and always implement safe lift and carry techniques.

8. Always Label Fragile Boxes

Movers understand the in’s and out’s of packing and storing, as well as the special TLC needed for specific items. However, they can’t see what’s inside a closed box.

When you label a box as “fragile,” it tells your movers to take the appropriate care when storing and handling that item. Make sure you mark “fragile” on each side of the box.

9. Secure Loose Items with Plastic Wrap

Storage boxes, curtain rods, drawers, and more can rattle and move during transport. Help keep them secure by wrapping them in plastic wrap. This secures them as a singular item, so you won’t have to fret about movement.

10. Avoid Overpacking

Lastly, never overpack a box. Aim to leave one inch of space before the top. This will make storing your boxes inside the moving van or truck much more manageable. It also makes stacking more sturdy since there aren’t any bulges to set other boxes off balance.

Start Planning Your Moving Strategy

While planning ahead and packing delicate items before your move is a great way to shave off some of the stress of moving, make sure you also plan by booking a moving company a few weeks before the big day.

Freedom Moving & Storage has locations in both New Jersey and New York. Our team offers local, long distance, and commercial moving services you can rely on. Contact us today for a free quote so you can mark your moving day on your calendar.


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