Amazing Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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What if you went from hating moving to loving it?

People hate moving because of all the time and money it takes. It is also physically and emotionally draining.

However, there are some tips when it comes to packing up a house for a move that will completely change how you see moving! Read on to find out what they are.

The First Secret of Packing Up a House for a Move

Packing starts with the boxes you use. Many people either buy moving boxes or try to get free used boxes from places like grocery stores that would otherwise throw theirs out.

However, buying moving boxes is very costly. This can add hundreds of dollars to a move that is already costly. And used boxes you obtain may be weaker and potentially break.

Consider renting plastic moving boxes instead. This alternative might be cheaper than buying cardboard boxes and more reliable than gathering used, weakened boxes..

Finally, you can rent a variety of different box sizes. This lets you perfectly pack your stuff!

Label the Boxes

A rookie mistake when packing up a house is just throwing everything into random, unlabeled boxes. This causes a confusing mess once you move to your new home.

Try to pack and label everything by rooms. For example, a series of boxes would contain everything for your kitchen and would be appropriately labeled.

You can make your own labels or order labels that are pre-labeled with different rooms in your home. Everything will now be much easier to unload after you move!

All the Small Things

In some ways, small things like wires and cables are the worst part of packing up a house. They usually all get thrown into one big box. This can make it impossible to find and untangle the wires that you need later on.

Instead, try packing these things into ziplock bags and then labeling the ziplock bags. You can then place these into the boxes labeled for the room these things belong in.

And just like that: no more tangled wires to deal with after you move!

Make Your Own Cushions

No matter the box you use, there is the threat of things slipping around. This means you arrive at the new house with some of your most valuable things potentially damaged or broken.

It’s essential to cushion these items, to secure and protect them within the box. However, if you buy things like packing paper and bubble wrap for every box, the cost adds up quickly!

Instead, use things like extra blankets and small pillows to cushion the items in your boxes. Another smart trick is putting your items inside of a storage basket and then packing the basket in a box.

This provides an extra layer of organization and protection!

The Bottom Line

Now that you’re a master of packing up a house, there’s just one thing left to do. You still need to find a good mover!

At Freedom Moving and Storage, we are the premier movers in the New York and New Jersey area.

To find out how much money we can save you while you move to your new home, contact us for a free quote today!


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