5 Places You Can Get Free Boxes for Your Next Move

Stack of cardboard boxes in empty room
Stack of cardboard boxes in empty room

Since moving can cost thousands of dollars, you should explore any possible way to save some money. One of the first things that families have to scramble to find when it’s time to pack up is boxes.

You can purchase boxes, but that gets expensive, and it’s not like you’ll use them very frequently. Luckily there are a few places you can get free boxes for moving. Check out this guide to the best places for free moving boxes to make your move easier.

Free Boxes for Moving

The first thing to remember when asking for boxes is not to be embarrassed. Hunting for free packing boxes from stores and other locations has been happening forever, and employees are generally used to it.

Check out these five places first for the best chance to get high-quality boxes and reduce your moving stress.

1. Liquor Stores

Liquor stores are the first place that most people think of when it’s time to get boxes. They receive a lot of shipments, and their stock always comes in pretty uniform boxes.

Since the boxes hold glass bottles, they are usually pretty solid and meant to protect fragile items, meaning they will protect your stuff as well. Most liquor stores will stack their boxes behind the store specifically for people to come and grab them. Check with a manager before you help your self just to make sure it is okay.

2. Grocery Stores and Local Retailers

Grocery and other stores in your neighborhood are excellent places to tap for free moving boxes.

Stores like these usually have products delivered regularly, so they are likely to have many boxes they are trying to get rid of. Call these nearby stores ahead of time or visit the stores in person and ask the manager if you can take their unused boxes that would otherwise be recycled.

3. Social Media

People move every day, so you’re not alone in the hunt for packing boxes. Once you’ve gotten rid of your junk and figured out roughly how many boxes you’ll need, you can check with fellow movers for help.

Facebook, Craigslist, and Nextdoor are ideal places to find people with loads of boxes that they are willing to give away to someone that will come and take them.

4. Book Stores

If you’ve moved before you know that books can be one of the most annoying things to pack and move. They are very heavy, and it doesn’t take many to make a box very difficult to lift.

Book stores receive a lot of boxes, and they are generally sized well for your own books or smaller fragile items. These won’t be the only boxes you need, but for certain things, it’s definitely worth a check.

5. Recent Movers

Check with family and friends that have just moved, ask them what they intend to do with their moving boxes once they unpack. Often people will be thrilled to have you take the boxes off their hands.

Perfect Packing

Checking these five places should provide you with most of the boxes you’ll need. Hopefully, getting free boxes for moving will make moving a little bit easier so you can enjoy it.

For more ways to reduce moving stress, check out how a moving company can make it a piece of cake.


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