Moves for Kids: Handling Mixed Emotions for a Fresh Start

Moving with kids

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, but if you have small kids, it can be a little tough on them.

Kids get attached to the place they grew up in and have created so many fun memories. So moving them into a new house can lead to mixed emotions and stress.

Before you start packing your things, you should prepare your kids for this major change in their lives. They’re scared of the unknown, so make sure to involve them in the moving process.

Keep reading for the best tips on moves for kids and how you can help them adapt better to their new surroundings.

Talk To Them About The Move

Discussing the move with the kids is a great way to have them feel involved and in control. You can talk to them about how the new house will be bigger and better. Let them know they’ll have separate rooms with more space to play, a bigger backyard to throw parties in or a better school.

Show them pictures of the new house and let them decide how they want to decorate their rooms.

Anything that’ll help them see the new home in a more positive light is a good step ahead.

Throw a Little Goodbye Party for Your Old Home

Once the old house is emptied, gather the family and throw a little goodbye party.

Over a piece of pizza or cake, talk about your time there, their favorite places in the neighborhood, their friends and school. Then, talk about the new exciting things waiting for the kids in their new neighborhood or city.

Moves for kids are not easy, but this will help them transition better and look forward to moving.

Let Them Pack Their Favorite Things in a Special Box

Take the kids to their rooms and prepare a special box where they can pack their most important belongings. Let them decorate the box and once you get to the new house, help them unpack it.

If you can, when you move in, prepare the kids’ rooms first. Once they get settled and start seeing familiar things, they’ll feel more at home and the transition will be easier.

Make a Memory Book

This is a simple, yet effective way to give your kids a healthy goodbye from the old home.

Buy a notebook or a photo album and glue some pictures from the happy times you had in the house. Look through it with the kids to reminisce over all the fun you had there.

Then, add some photos from the new home and tell them how excited you are to make even more memories from now on.

Moves for Kids Don’t Have to Be Stressful

Moving into a new house or a different city is overwhelming for the entire family, especially for the kids.

But with our tips, you can have a smooth transition and create a positive experience for the children.

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