How to Change Schools for Your Child When You Move Mid Year


Switching schools isn’t always easy for kids. It can be especially difficult when the relocation happens in the middle of the school year. Knowing how to change schools is essential for a smooth transition.

From making new friends to adapting to a new classroom and curriculum, there are a lot of intimidating and overwhelming things for a kid to adjust to. Want to learn the ins-and-outs on how to change schools? Here are some tips, tricks, and best practices on how to switch schools in the middle of the year.

How to Change Schools for Your Child When You Move Mid-Year

Are you in the process of moving or considering making a move soon? Here are some of the preparation and documentation steps you’ll have to take to switch schools for your child successfully.

Tour the School and Meet With the Staff

The first thing you should do, if possible, is to schedule a school tour and a sit-down meeting with the new school’s principal and teachers. Inquire what their expectations are for your child, and ways your child can get involved in school activities to quickly assimilate.

A curriculum can vary by state (even school district) so use this meeting to learn about coursework, so you can set up your child for academic success when they switch schools.

Chat With Other Parents

You won’t learn all the details from the school staff, so it’s important to talk with other parents to get their perspective on it. They can tell you best practices for interacting with teachers and let you know the social dynamics of the school.

They can also introduce your child to potential classmates (and friends)!

Gather All the Necessary Paperwork

Switching schools requires submitting a lot of necessary paperwork and documentation like medical records, previous school transcripts, and proof of address forms. You should also always have your child’s school transfer form on file.

By providing all of this paperwork, you can make the academic transition as smooth as possible.

Help Your Child Adjust

If you’re moving your child mid-year, chances are they’re not incredibly happy with the situation. In fact, they may be sad, angry, or scared. It’s essential that you have an open line of communication so your child knows they can come to you if the adjustment period is hard.

You should also look into extracurricular activities on their behalf and tell them to sign up for activities they did at their previous school, or encourage them to try something new.

Do your best to stick to a routine at home, so your child can feel some sense of normalcy as their life changes.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to change schools makes a difficult situation much easier. By making connections with the school staff and parents, organizing all the necessary paperwork for the transfer, and staying on the same page as your kid, you can make the mid-year move as painless as possible.

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