A Local’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Hoboken


Are you visiting Hoboken, New Jersey?

When it comes to Hoboken, you may think of Pier Park A and Frank Sinatra, but did you know there are many great restaurants there too?

Hoboken is known for being a melting pot of foods and fun events. Check out this guide to seven great restaurants in Hoboken so you can eat like a local.

1. Amanda’s

If you’re looking for fancier Hoboken, NJ restaurants, you need to visit Amanda’s Restaurant. Whether you’re a wine lover, looking for a romantic date spot, or a family brunch, Amanda’s offers style and elegance for its patrons.

2. Carlo’s Bakery

Craving something sweet? You’ll want to check out Carlo’s Bakery. Yes, that Carlo’s Bakery. If you’ve ever seen Cake Boss on TLC, then you’re familiar with this bakery and Master Baker, Buddy Valastro.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious cake, a yummy afterschool snack, or baking lessons, this is the place to go in Hoboken.

3. La Isla Restaurant

When you’re looking for the top restaurants in Hoboken, be sure to stop by La Isla Restaurant. La Isla is Cuban comfort food at its best. This restaurant serves incredible Cuban food morning, day, and night.

With affordable prices and a great ambiance, you won’t want to miss this on your foodie tour. There are two locations in Hoboken, with an uptown and a downtown location.

4. Cucharamama

Cucharamama is the place to go for South American food in Hoboken, NJ. The word “cucharamama” literally means “mother spoon” as in the long kitchen spoon used to stir soups. It is known as a Latin oasis in the heart of Hoboken.

This restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. They also have a fantastic cocktail menu that includes several Latin beers.

5. Fiore’s Deli

If you’re looking for the best Hoboken food deli-style, Fiore’s Deli is a must visit. They’re best known for their roast beef and fresh mozzarella.

Keep in mind that Fiore’s is old school, so be sure to bring cash and get there early because it’s not uncommon to see a line.

6. Del Frisco’s Grille

Do you love fresh seafood? Del Frisco’s Grille is among the best restaurants in Hoboken. Del Frisco’s has a great atmosphere and obviously, delicious seafood options.

Looking for a memorable, tasy restaurant experience? Del Frisco’s Grille is the place for you.

7. Karma Kafe

Karma Kafe is another of the must-visit restaurants near Hoboken, NJ.

Karma is an Indian bistro with unique dishes that can be tailored to your spicy desires. If you’re looking for a cozy spot with a lunch buffet, Karma Kafe is the place for you.

Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Hoboken

If you live in the neighborhood or nearby, you have to check out the best restaurants in Hoboken. From romantic dates to afterschool snacks, you’re sure to find what your taste buds are looking for.

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