5 Tips for Helping Your Dog Cope with Moving into a New Home


As exciting as a move is, it’s also quite stressful. So stressful that 58% of people find moving to be a more stress-inducing experience than wedding planning.

But as you and your loved ones pack up your old house and prepare for an exciting new start, remember that you’re not the only one going through these changes.

Your pets can sense that change is in the air. And a worried pet can make an already tough move even harder.

Keep your canine companion calm and ensure a smooth move with these five tips for moving into a new home with a dog.

1. Introduce Them To Your New Home Ahead of Time

Your old house is more or less your dog’s entire world. It’s all they know.

So it makes sense that placing them in a brand new environment, filled with brand new sights and smells, is cause for some alarm.

You can minimize their panic by exploring your new home and neighborhood ahead of time together. Not only is it a great chance to spend some time with your dog, but doing so will allow them to acclimate to their new surroundings.

If possible, walk them through the house before moving day. Let them take the lead and explore at their own pace.

2. Keep Them Safe

Giving your dog free rein over the house is a great way to let them get accustomed to your home. But come moving day, a free-roaming dog can cause some dangerous chaos.

To prevent your dog from getting loose or interfering with movers, we recommend you keep them crated, contained to a particular room, or better yet, stay at a friend or neighbors house.

3. Stick to Your Old Schedule

Have you ever noticed how your dog gets extra antsy around their usual dinner time? It’s because dogs have an innate love of routine, which experts believe dogs developed when they lived in packs.

Should you upset your dog’s routine, you can expect some misbehavior or even whining. Don’t get upset with them, though. Their love of routine stems from worry.

To keep moving with a dog easy, do your best to stick to your old schedule as much as possible, even in the new home.

4. Give Your Dog Their Own Space

A new space means new chances to decorate! And that goes for your dog’s area, too.

Make them feel at home when moving into a new house by giving them their own dedicated space. It doesn’t have to be much — a corner in the living room is usually enough.

Fill it with their toys and bedding to ease some of their worries and keep them happy.

Keep other items in familiar locations as much as possible. If their food and water bowls were near the back door in the old home, place them in a similar position in the new house.

5. Be Patient With Your Pup

Remember, moving is stressful for everyone — dogs, too. Your pup will likely act out in the first week or so after you move.

While you shouldn’t outright excuse their behavior, do remember to be patient. They’re going through a lot of changes, as well.

A Happy Pet Makes Moving Into a New Home Even Better

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. With a dog in tow, your new house will become a home in no time.

So as your move approaches, remember these essential tips. And maybe give your dog a few extra treats for good measure, we’re sure they won’t mind.

Looking for even more ways to reduce moving stress? Let us help! Get in touch to see how our professional moving services can make your move easy.


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