Ol’ Blue Eyes and Baseball: 7 Historical Hoboken Attractions to Add to Your Bucket List

Hoboken attractions

Hoboken may be small, but it is still one of the best cities to explore when visiting New Jersey. There is so much history in Hoboken as well as modern Hoboken attractions that anyone would be thrilled to discover.

If you are moving to Hoboken, NJ, you’ll want to get out with the family and discover all the things to do. You’ll find the places that you’ll want to go back to again and again. Also, when you have visitors, you’ll know all of the best places to go in Hoboken when they’re in town.

Below, we’re sharing info on seven fun things to do in Hoboken with your friends and family. Read on to learn more.

1. Castle Point Observation Terrace

Castle Point Observation Terrace is the highest elevation in the city, making it one of the best places to go in Hoboken for incredible views. If you make it up all 100 feet to the top, you’ll be rewarded with the awe-inspiring sight of the Manhattan skyline.

2. Alfred Stieglitz Home

If you know any photography buffs, the Alfred Stieglitz Home is a can’t miss attraction. The 19th-century apartment home with the family of famed photographer Stieglitz once lived is a historical site that will inspire the artist in everyone.

Even those who don’t know Stieglitz’s work specifically will be able to appreciate the beauty of the architecture. They may be interested in learning more about Stieglitz’s role in championing photography as fine art as well.  

3. Washington Street

Everything in Hoboken is within walking distance, but Washington Street is especially worth a stroll. This main street is at the heart of the city, and it’s home to shops, great local restaurants, bookstores, and more.

4. Elysian Fields and Birthplace of Baseball Monuments

In June of 1846, the first officially recorded baseball game was played at Elysian Fields. The New York Base Ball Club won against the Knickerbockers during a game that paved the way for America’s past time.

The field itself no longer exists, but the Birthplace of Baseball Monument marks the spot where the original diamond was located.  

5. Hoboken Historical Museum

For such a small city, Hoboken has its fair share of history. The Hoboken Historical Museum is one of the best places to visit in Hoboken to learn about it all. From Sinatra to baseball to the culinary traditions of the city, this museum covers it all.

6. Frank Sinatra Walking Tour

One of the most fun things to do in Hoboken is to celebrate the life of one of its most famous residents – Frank Sinatra. On the Sinatra Walking Tour, you’ll visit schools, restaurants, and other locations around town that were meaningful to Sinatra’s life.

7. Weehawken Dueling Grounds

If you’re open to a historical side trip just outside the city, visit the Weehawken Dueling Grounds. The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr took place here, as did numerous other duels of the time.

Ready to Explore Hoboken Attractions?

Hoboken’s small size and rich history make it the perfect place to explore. The more Hoboken attractions you see, the more at home you’ll feel.

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