4 Packing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Boxes

The average American will move over 11 times in their life. But just because we have a lot of practice at moving doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful! However, if you’re well-prepared and follow the right packing tips, you can make your transition as easy as possible.

Here are four packing tips to get the most out of your moving boxes, one of the most important components of any move:

1. Get Organized

While moving is such a large-scale task that it can be tempting just to jump right in and get started, it’s worthwhile to spend some time sharpening your ax. Make a plan for what you need to put in boxes, what you need to throw away, and how many trips it’ll take to move all the boxes once you are done.

To help you in these efforts, making a moving checklist that you can refer back to during the move is a valuable idea.

Also, start planning as early as possible. Don’t add anxiety to an already-stressful process by waiting until the last minute to get everything organized!

2. Use Different Sized Boxes

Not all of your things will fit in one box size. Pack your smaller, heavier items like books and electronics into smaller boxes. Use bigger boxes for larger, bulkier items or ones that are oddly-shaped.

Remember that if you’re going to use bigger boxes that will leave some space in them, it’s important to have dividers or packing peanuts to fill in the gaps. This will prevent your items from shifting and breaking during the move.

When it comes to acquiring boxes, you can talk to neighbors, friends, or co-workers to see if they have any boxes to give you, instead of buying them at a store. Make sure they are sturdy and reinforced if necessary. And once you’re done moving, don’t throw those boxes away! Donate them to others who need boxes, either in person or by posting them on a classifieds site like Craigslist or NextDoor.

3. Use Detailed Labels

One thing you don’t want to do is pack your boxes properly and then mix them all up once you get to your new home. To combat this problem, make sure to use labels on every single box you’re packing.

Write clearly, and try to use labels big enough to incorporate specifics about the items inside, such as what part of the room they belong in, whether they are a component of a bigger set of items, etc.

4. Obtain the Right Equipment

Remember that boxes aren’t the only thing you’ll need during the move. Also think about tape, packing peanuts, dividers for glasses and mugs, labels, and bold markers.

This is another area where a checklist will come in handy: A quick Google search will net you dozens of templates that you can borrow to use for your move.

Packing Tips Make Moving Easier

People have been moving since the beginning of civilization: Take advantage of some of their knowledge and experience by following these and other tips. If you stay organized, plan accordingly, and get an early jump on your move, you can gain control over your boxes and take the stress out of your transition.

And if you need a little expert assistance during your move, get in touch with the experts at Freedom Moving today.