5 Tips for Getting Rid of Old Furniture Before You Move

Moving is often cited as one of the most stressful things you can do. But around 35.5 million Americans still move every year.

And whether you’re downsizing or just moving, you’re likely to have old furniture that you’d rather leave behind.

Your first thought might be Craigslist. While that’s always an option, read on to learn how to get rid of old furniture before you move.

1. Yard Sales

Never underestimate the power of a yard sale. It can be a quick way to get rid of a lot of furniture in one go. You can even add other things you’d like to get rid of. Clothes, books, appliances or even old toys all make great yard sale fodder.

Use it as an excuse to do some decluttering. Having less stuff ensures a smoother move.

2. Facebook Groups

You may be able to find Facebook Groups in your local area where you can list old furniture. Some of them may offer a classifieds thread where you can sell items.

Or you may be able to offer items for other group members to collect. You might even be able to do a swap, exchanging old furniture for something you’ll need at your new house.

3. Freecycle

Avoid using trash removal companies to pick up your furniture. Much of it ends up in landfill where it can take years to decompose.

Freecycle want to stop that. Hop onto the Freecycle Network and post your old furniture. It’s up to the other users to come and get it, saving you time.

4. Donate

If selling furniture isn’t working, consider donating to a good cause. It’s the fastest way to get rid of a lot in one go. Many places may also handle the furniture removal themselves.

Don’t just stop at thrift stores or Goodwill. Consider charities that work with the homeless or help victims of domestic violence move on. Check Donation Town for a list of charities.

Animal shelters often take furniture too. Or pass it on to the set dressers at your local theatrical group.

Best of all, many charities will provide a receipt for the value of the furniture. Claim the deduction when tax season rolls around.

5. Curbside Pick-up

As a last resort, if you are unable to sell or donate your furniture item, contact your local trash collector about curbside pick-up.

Leave the item on the curb a couple of days before the scheduled pick-up. Add a ‘free’ sign, so people know it’s good to go. Most items will disappear within a few hours.

Don’t Take That Old Furniture with You

Whether you sell or donate your old furniture, getting rid of it will make your move easier. It’s also a great excuse to buy something new to suit the size and shape of your new home.

Getting the right professional movers can make the move even smoother. If you’d like a free quote, then contact us today.