5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Transition to a New Home

Moving is always bittersweet.

On the one hand, you’re excited to get a fresh start and make a new city your new home. On the other, it can be hard to say goodbye and to get adjusted to a different setting.

The latter usually hits kids harder than anyone else in the family. After all, parents can be rational – they understand why a move needs to happen and have the resources to make the most of it.

Kids are the ones who will feel a strong attachment to their old room, old school, and old friends. It’s often harder for them to get used to all the changes that come with a move.

Luckily, there are many parenting skills and resources you can use to make this process easier on them! Check out the top five moving tips for kids below.

1. Talk About the Move’s Purpose and Opportunities

When you sit your kids down to tell them you’re moving, make sure you give them the whole story. Talk about the reason you’ve decided to sell your current house, why you’re relocating and all the things they have to look forward to in the new home.

Share this in a calm, peaceful setting – like in your living room or the backyard. Don’t do it while out at dinner or even in a car ride.

This way, you can give your children your full attention and get an accurate feel for their reaction to the move.

2. Let Your Kids Ask Questions

As you’re breaking the news, be prepared to get a lot of questions.

Your kids will be thinking about everything from the upcoming birthday party they’re supposed to attend to going to a new school. They will likely be comparing your home at the moment to what they think the new place will be.

Answer each question the best you can. Be honest, understanding, and patient as your little ones process everything.

3. Make Packing Fun and Empowering

Once the news has settled, it’s time to get to work.

Whether your kid is excited to move or dragging their feet, they likely won’t be a fan of packing. Not to mention, depending on how old they are, they may not know how to pack very well.

Support them and encourage their good spirits by helping them out. Make a game of it, or give them their very own boxes to organize themselves.

4. Plan Introductions Ahead of Time

A great way to balance all the packing you have to do is to take breaks. When you’re stepping back from putting away kitchen items and guest bedding, plan out how you will introduce your child to a new place.

Set up an orientation at their new school before their first day of classes. Contact your realtor to make sure everything at your new home is settled and ready to go.

This makes the transition even easier as you switch from old to new.

5. Be Patient and Helpful with Goodbyes

The hardest part about making a move is usually saying goodbye.

This is when it will hit your child that the move is actually happening. Be supportive of them as they say goodbye to their close friends and classmates, teachers, and their favorite spots around town.

They will likely get more and more emotional as goodbyes continue. It’s your job to comfort them and cheer them up, but also to let them process as they need to.

Turning a New House into a New Home

Helping your kids transition into a new home is only one part of moving.

There’s still much planning and budgeting that needs to be done, as well as things you need to do to make the transition smooth for yourself, too. To give yourself more peace of mind, consider hiring movers.

Such an investment gives you one less thing to worry about and a team of professionals to count on. It allows you to focus on other parts of the move and get everything right.

For more about what movers can do for you, contact us today.