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8 Week Moving Planner


With over 80 years of experience, Freedom Moving & Storage makes your move hassle free from packing to settling in. A proud Mayflower agent, Freedom Moving & Storage takes pride in getting you to where you want to be at ease. We’ve narrowed down Mayflower’s 8-week moving planner for you to get familiar with and get you ready to begin the exciting moving process!


Make local moving & long distance moving easier with our fool proof moving planner


Week 8: Decide on a moving company & schedule an in-home estimate

At Freedom Moving & Storage, we proudly serve the New Jersey and New York areas with both local moving and long distance moving services. We can be reached at 855.343.4700, or get a free quote on our website here.


Week 7: Book Your Move!

Once your estimate is signed and received, speak to your new move coordinator to answer any questions you may have regarding your upcoming relocation. We know, moving can be a stressful process!


Week 6: Inform Service Providers

Before you move, be sure to inform doctors, lawyers, accountants, UPS Services, and any other professional services about your new address.


Week 5: Reduce the Clutter

Moving means change! Before your move, get rid of any junk, old furniture, or clutter that may be holding you back. Holding a garage sale or donating items to charities are great ways to de-clutter.


Week 4: Check-In

Be sure to notify your moving coordinator of any items you may have added or subtracted, as well as confirming any extra stops to be made along the way. Do not be afraid to ask questions – your coordinator is there to help!


Week 3: Prepare

With less than a month to go, there is much to do! Begin to inform family and friends of your new address, start packing up your belongings in an organized manner, and prepare your household. Don’t forget to check out the non-allowables list.


Week 2: Double-Check

Be sure to have travel arrangements in place for your pets, finish any last minute errands you may need to complete, and double-check this complete list for your own sanity!


Week 1: Be Ready for the BIG DAY!

The week is finally here… it’s almost time to move! On the day of your move, be aware and make sure all of your goods are loaded. Some necessary paperwork will need to be filled out, and you want to be positive nothing is left behind.


To read the full 8-week planner written by Mayflower, click here.


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