The Best Family Friendly Spots in Hoboken

Home sweet Hoboken.

This trendy city is popular among all demographics from young children to twenty- and thirty-somethings, and even much older generations.

That’s because there’s an overwhelming amount to do packed in its little quarters. If you’re looking for a small-city experience away from Manhattan, Hoboken is your place.

For families, there is an abundance of kid-friendly activities that suit different interests and ages. Of all places to visit in New Jersey, this is one of the best for the little ones.

If you’re planning a visit, then check out our guide to family-friendly destinations!

Great Places To Visit In New Jersey

Urban Jungle Play

Do your kiddos dream of unleashing their inner Tarzan and Jane? This jungle-themed indoor playground gives them the opportunity to do so!

From an Aquarium Wall to an Imagination Habitat Hut, your kid will be amazed at their outdoorsy attractions. There’s also a ball pit, jungle gym, and arts and crafts section.

This is also an excellent place for your child to develop; just visit the Sensory Table or Interactive Wall. No membership is required, just simply stop on by during their Open Play hours.

Hudson Riverfront

If the actual outdoors are more your kids’ style, they’ll love the waterfront activities on the Hudson. Try your luck navigating through the trenches by renting a kayak from Hoboken Cove Boathouse.

Or, give those little legs a workout and rent some bicycles or tricycles. You can coast along the river on a very scenic trail spanning from Pier A to Harborside Park.

(Pro Tip: Definitely account for some time to be spent at Harborside. Your kids will be blown away by its playground amenities!)

You can also take a more relaxed approach and simply watch as New York ferries pass through. The Hudson is a great place to catch stunning views of Manhattan.

History Lessons

Of all places to visit in New Jersey, Hoboken is packed with some of the richest history. In its early colonial days, before becoming what it is today, it was originally an island! But, we’ll let you uncover the rest for yourself.

The Hoboken is the last standing terminal along the Hudson River to stay in its original fashion. Stop by this ever-famous waterfront station for a walking tour of the facility.

If you’re looking for a lesson on the city’s origins, Hoboken Historical Museum is the place to stop. Learn more about the diverse culture, architecture, and landmarks that line the city.

The Public Library is known for its beautiful children’s center. Reading sessions or special programs are held daily, so your young learner can grow.

Other Places to Visit in New Jersey

Don’t worry Mom and Dad. After all that kid-fun, you can still enjoy a pint at the family-friendly brew garden, Pier 13. They also offer breathtaking views of the city skyline and feature many food trucks.

Not to brag, but we think we made a pretty convincing argument for why Hoboken is the place to be. If you and your family are looking to come join us, then let our moving service team help out!

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