Your Cross-Country Moving Checklist for 2018

Are you starting to feel nerves ahead of your big move?

More than half of 18-35-year-olds have moved away from their hometown, and over 1/3 have relocated a whopping three times. But whether you’re embarking on your first move, or are already an accomplished nomad, you have a lot to do.

It can be stressful. But with sufficient planning, you can make things a breeze.

Sound good? Then keep reading and make sure you’re on track with this handy cross-country moving checklist.

Let’s get things moving.

Set a Budget

This one’s a must. Before you set anything else in motion, you’ll need to know how much the move itself will cost you.

Assess your overall finances. Then work out how much you’ll need to cover setup costs on arrival. What’s left is the amount you can spend on the move.

With that figure in mind, contact your local moving company for a free (and quick) price estimate.

Update Your Postal Address

We suggest updating your postal address just ahead of your physical move. You can do it in person, but the easiest way is online via the US. Postal Service.

Once that’s all in order, find a trusty neighbor to forward all your mail, so nothing gets missed in the interim.

Transfer Utilities

You’ll also need to contact your utility companies with a hard move date.

Do this in plenty of time for services that you’ll transfer to your new home, as they can often be delayed. It’s especially true if a different provider currently offers services at your new property.

Cancel Subscriptions

Once you have handled the utilities, cancel all other subscriptions associated with your current address including:

  • Gyms
  • Activity clubs
  • Food & wine packages
  • Hobby groups

Obtain Medical & School Records

This one might be a hassle but can cause real problems if forgotten. Visit your family physician, dentist, and child’s school to collect all written medical records.

While much of this data is now stored online (and transferred at your request), it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Pop in to collect physical copies before you leave, and you’ll save yourself a much longer return journey should anything go wrong.

Write a Packing Plan

A specific packing plan should be part of any cross country moving checklist. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Take inventory of all your existing items
  • Make a note of all items that need to be packaged with extra care
  • Sell or throw out anything you won’t need
  • Take a floor plan of your new place
  • Measure your largest items

If you still need some pointers when it comes to getting things boxed up, check out this plan.

Pack an Essentials Box

You already know the basics: pack room by room and label your boxes. But here’s one that’s often neglected: the essentials box.

Fill this box with items you can’t do without during the transition period, or that will need to be opened first on arrival. This one’s up to you, but don’t miss these big ones:

  • Essential medication
  • Change of clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Phone chargers

Cross Country Moving Checklist

Follow this checklist, and your move will feel much more manageable. Of course, you’ll also need a moving company to help you on your way.

Click here for a free quote for your long-distance move.