Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Community Sports After the Move

Worried about your child making friends after a big move?

Moving can be just as hard for children as it is for adults.

Kids get used to their routines, their schools, and their friends and taking them out of their usual environment can be very stressful for them.

One of the ways to make moving easier on your child is to enroll them in community sports in your new city.

Read on for 3 reasons why you should enroll your child in community sports.

1. Being the New Kid in School Is Hard

A new city means a new school for your child. Anyone who ever changed schools as a kid knows that being the new kid is difficult.

It’s hard to break into the social circles that the kids at school have already established. Frequently, the new kid is the one who’s bullied.

This doesn’t apply to community sports because every season brings a new crop of kids. When you sign your kid up for a community sports team, they’ll meet a whole new group of kids that they don’t necessarily go to school with.

2. You Can be the Coach

Have some spare time on your hands? Want to spend more time with your child who always seems to be growing? Why not volunteer to coach their sports team.

Ask your child how they would feel about you being the coach of their team. Some kids will respond with a resounding “yes” but others may be more hesitant.

If your child is ok with your coaching their sports team, it’s an excellent way to spend more time together and get a feel for how your child socializes with others.

Just be sure when you coach their team that you don’t obviously favor them. You must treat your child like everyone else on the team. If you give preferential treatment to your child other kids could become resentful and make fun of them.

If handled the right way, coaching a community sport will be rewarding for both you and your child. You’ll get plenty of exercises and you’ll feel like you’re bettering your community. This will also introduce you to other parents and adults in the community so you and your family can start forging meaningful relationships.

3. Your Child Will be Healthier

Community sports are a great way to make sure your child gets adequate exercise while also having fun.

Running down a field or up a court releases endorphins in your child that will keep them smiling for hours after a game or match.

Ask your child what sport or sports their interested in learning and then sign them up. If you choose a sport they like rather than one you’re personally good at it will be a more positive experience for them.

Team sports are good for your child’s physical and mental health.

Enroll Your Child in Community Sports

Team sports are a wonderful way to get your kid involved in their new community and making friends.

Remember to honor the desires of your individual child when it comes to choosing a sport to play.

If you have any questions or want to contact us for any reason, please do so here! We are here for all your moving needs.