How to Start Packing Your Garage for the Big Move

Moving is a momentous task, even for small households. You never honestly realize how much you have until you have to move it, and this is especially true for your garage.

For many homeowners, the garage is a catch-all storage space where you put everything you don’t immediately need. It also presents some unique packing challenges, and it’s difficult to know how to start packing your garage. Fortunately, our pros are here to help.

How to Start Packing Your Garage to Move

Getting on top of your packing will make moving day far easier. For help with the particularly challenging area of the garage, try these tips.

Start Packing Early

One of the problems with moving is that for items you use daily, you can’t pack them until the last minute. Your garage, however, usually only has a few items you use regularly.

You can start packing your garage weeks in advance without inconveniencing yourself.

You should also consider that as you’re packing the rest of your house, you might decide to have a garage sale. If the contents of your garage are already minimized and packed, this makes a garage sale easier to complete.

Go Through Storage Boxes

Your garage probably has plenty of boxes packed for storage. Some homeowners think they can just move these boxes as-is, but don’t take that for granted.

For your fragile items to survive a move, they need to be protected correctly. Unless you’re confident that you did this before you put those items in storage, you should re-pack your storage boxes to withstand a move.

Set Aside Items Moving Van Can’t Take

Due to safety regulations, there are specific items movers can’t take. Movers can’t transport anything flammable, compressed gases, oxidizers, or anything radioactive, poisonous, corrosive, or explosive. The most common prohibited items include:

  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Nail removal
  • Oxygen containers
  • Paint and paint thinners
  • Gasoline
  • Automotive fluids and chemicals
  • Propane cylinders
  • Fireworks
  • Radio-pharmaceuticals

If you’re comfortable with it, you can take these items in your car. If not, you can give them to neighbors or friends nearby and then buy new items when you get to your new home.

Pass Up Trash Cans or Pack Them, Full

Trash cans are notoriously difficult to move because they’re oddly-shaped and top-heavy. Some models are easier to move than others.

In some cases, it’s best to leave your trash cans. If you do choose to bring them to your new home, however, use them to pack other items. This reduces the volume of your move while also making the trash cans more stable.

Sort Giveaway Items As You Pack

Most people have some long-term storage items in their garages, but you may not want to keep all these items.

If you have a long-distance move ahead, it’s essential to get all the items you want to move in one trip, so downsizing is particularly helpful.

As you move, keep this in mind and think about each item before you pack it. If you prefer to give it away or sell it, set the item aside in a separate pile.

Drain Gasoline from Lawn Mower

Movers can’t transport gasoline, even if it’s inside a piece of equipment. After you’ve given your old lawn its last mow, drain the gas from your mower. Having this ready before moving day will save you time and money.

Preparing Your Garage for a Move

Moving can feel overwhelming, and it’s difficult to know how to start packing. Your garage is a great place to start, and the tips above can help you be prepared when moving day arrives.

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