Moving Day: How to Move Heavy Objects and Large Items

No one really enjoys moving, but sometimes the job has to be done, heavy furniture and all. Unless you’re a professional mover, you’ve probably struggled with figuring out how to move some of your bigger and heavier pieces without getting injured.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, moving large, loaded boxes or heavy, cumbersome furniture can hurt your back or stress your joints. You can also do some serious damage to your own belongings if you don’t take care.

So, if you have a move coming up, here are some helpful tips on how to move heavy objects without the added damage:

Rely On Your Brain As Well As Your Brawn

Before you even lift a finger, you should think your move through. Ask yourself, “Will my sofa even fit through the door or will I need to push it through a window?” or, “Can I lift this item by myself or will I need the help of someone else?

Don’t go through the hassle of pushing and pulling a large dresser only to get to the doorway and find that there isn’t room to push it past the door frame. Take measurements and recruit friends beforehand to save time and trouble.

Disassemble All You Can

Make the chore of moving heavy, bulky pieces easier on yourself by disassembling them before you move them. Remove attached parts and store them in a separate, marked bag or box. Remove desk drawers and the contents within.

Consider removing handles, knobs, pulls, or furniture legs that protrude and could scratch walls, get nicked or snap off or cause you harm.

Doing this will make the items less heavy and less awkward to move from one area to another.

Protect Your Possessions

Use bubble wrap and furniture blankets to protect your furniture during the move. Even if you’re strong, carrying heavy furniture can be awkward, and you might lose your balance walking down stairs or trip and slam some furniture into the wall. Anything you can do to create a barrier of protection will help prevent damage.

How To Move Heavy Objects? Use The Tools

Allows physics on your side by making use of lifting straps to leverage heavy furniture. A utility dolly can make moving a refrigerator or stack of heavy boxes more manageable. Stair rollers aid in moving heavy objects carefully down the stairs if it’s too heavy to carry.

Call The Experts

Of course, you can make your move easy on yourself by calling a professional moving company to get the job done right. Save your muscles, your time and your sanity by allowing our people to move your valuables for you.

We offer free quotes, and we can help you with local moves or long distance moves while taking special care of your belongs in the process. You can also find more moving tips on how to move heavy objects on our website.

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