Make Moving to the Big Apple Easy

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Great news! You found a new place. You’re ready to get moving and you have even selected your NYC mover. You set your moving day and are ready to pack. But what is next?

Here are 5 steps for a completely stress-free moving day

STEP #1 Get On the Same Page As Your Building Management

Most apartment buildings in New York City have strict regulations and procedures for moving in or out of a building to protect their tenants. Prior to moving day you will need to communicate with both of your building management companies. Some key things you will want to get clarification on is the minimum insurance requirements, are elevator reservations required, and what type of access will your movers have the day of the move.

STEP #2: Get the Right Packing Supplies for Your Needs

Collecting the necessary supplies for your move should be a top priority. You will certainly need different types of boxes to pack your belongs depending on height, weight and shape. Your moving consultant can be a great resource for gathering this information and a reputable mover will be able to supply you with these items. You can also purchase these items on your own from home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Moving companies do tend to charge a little more for supplies but they do make the process more convenient if you are under time constraints. Keep in mind boxes come in many sizes for example 3.0 cubic feet and 4.0 cubic feet for medium and large items, wardrobe boxes to hang clothes and book/banker boxes for books, dvds, cds and files. Keep in mind you will want to pack your heaviest items in smaller boxes.

STEP #3: Get Organized for Packing

Organizing your belongings is a critical step in moving. Reduce clutter by getting rid of items you don’t need and remember many of your items can be donated to charities or even sold. Garage sales, social media groups, Craig’s List and Ebay are great resources for making a little extra money before the move. If you choose to donate your goods ask your mover or realtor for a list of great local charities that help your community.

STEP #4: Pack with a Plan for Unpacking

The more organized you are on the front end of move, the more easy the end will be. Before you pack make an inventory list of all the items you’ll be bringing to your new home. Label all of your boxes clearly and carefully and list by item type and room. If you have any art work or breakables, research the correct way to pack them before you break a highly valuable possession. The best bet with breakables is to leave it to the pros! The additional cost in the end will be well worth it and help you avoid breaking items you value most. Remember to keep those items you will need for everyday activity to the side for easy access up to moving day.

Step 5: Stay In Contact With Your Mover

Reliable moving companies will keep in contact with you prior to your move date. But id they have not taken it upon themselves to confirm, definitely reach out to your mover at least 48 hours before your scheduled move. Be sure to verify the payment options, as well as all building requirements have been met, such as a Certificate of Insurance and your elevator reservation times. Always confirm that the right number of workers will be in attendance the day of your move and ask for a drivers name.

Ready to move?

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