How to Pack Your Car Before You Move

The average person moves over 11 times in their lifetime. Chances are, you’re going to want to know how to pack a car when moving.

It’s tempting just to throw everything in the car and go, but you’re probably not maximizing the space in the car, and your stuff might break in transit.

Keep reading to learn how you can easily pack your car when moving.

Decide What Needs to be Moved

Moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences. If you stay organized, some of that stress will go away.

The first step is to sort through your stuff. You’ll find that there’s some stuff that you’ll take, some things you can donate, and some things you’ll throw away/recycle.

When you learn how to pack a car, it’s important to keep the items to the essentials. Clothes, toiletries, and snacks are essentials if you’re making a long move.

You can take fragile items yourself or let the moving company take them. Just be sure to discuss insurance options before the move.

Use Small Boxes and Bags

You want to be sure that when you pack your car, you use smaller boxes that are easier to stack and arrange than large boxes.

You also want to use bags for clothes and bedding. The bags can be stored in between boxes, creating more room in your car. You can take it to another level by using vacuum storage bags, which takes the air out of large items like sweaters and blankets.

That’s how to pack a car!

Pack the Essential Items First

When you pack your car, start with the most important items first. Then you can pack the less important items around them.

You might not be able to fit everything in the vehicle, so you want to be sure that the essentials make it in the car.

Don’t Pack Flammables or Other Dangerous Items

You want your move to be a completely safe move. That’s why it’s best to leave dangerous items out of your car.

Potentially dangerous items include anything that’s poisonous, flammable, or corrosive.

If you’re moving across town, you can transport household cleaning items and smaller items. For more extended moves, it’s best to leave those items with friends or neighbors.

For transporting firearms, consider working with a local gun shop to handle shipping. Moves to another state may mean different gun laws, so you want to protect yourself and your belongings.

Use Overhead Carriers

Overhead carriers are a great investment, especially if you have a small car.

Carriers with a hard shell are useful for transporting items because the carrier protects them from the elements. They’re also lockable, which will keep your items safe, too.

How to Pack a Car Safely

You’ve packed your car so tight and fit everything in, but then you hop in the driver’s seat and realize that you can’t see a thing.

To avoid this situation, you need to plan. Make sure that you can see both side mirrors and your rearview mirror, to see all traffic coming.

As you’re packing the car, sit in the driver’s seat to check your views. This will save you from having to repack the entire car so you can see clearly.

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