The Best Colleges in New Jersey to Attend This Year

Graduating College

There are certain struggles that all college freshmen deal with. It can be challenging to live in a dorm room with a new roommate, juggle classes, and figure out how to be independent for the first time. It’s hard on the student, but also the parents.

One of the best ways to balance the full college experience with some of the typical college difficulties is to go to an in-state school. At an in-state school, college students can get the independence they want, but they’re never too far from the comforts of home when they need them.

If you are planning a move to New Jersey to attend college or are moving there with your family and want your child to attend an exclusive school, there are lots of top colleges in New Jersey to choose from.

Below, we’re listing the best colleges in NJ. Read on!

1. Princeton University

A member of the Ivy League schools, it’s no wonder that Princeton University has a reputation as one of the best colleges in New Jersey. It can be a challenging school to get into, but once a student is in, they can expect a great experience.

In addition to its beautiful campus, Princeton University offers students challenging classes, excellent sports teams, and other exciting events and activities. Princeton also has many notable alumni and can be a great networking opportunity for students who are focused on their careers after graduation.

2. Monmouth University

Monmouth University is one of the top New Jersey colleges for students who want a personalized education, that will set them up for success after they leave school. Located in West Long Branch, New Jersey, the school boasts an incredible campus that students love.

Class sizes are typically small at Monmouth, which works well for certain students. The school also requires students to have experiential education before they graduate, which makes it unique. Students must complete a study abroad, service learning, internship, or cooperative learning before they graduate.

3. Rutgers University

For years, Rutgers University has been considered one of the best university in New Jersey. The school is particularly well-known for its athletics department, with teams that compete in the Big 10 conference. While the school’s main campus is located in New Brunswick, there are also campuses situated elsewhere.

Rutgers is a public research university and is known for having unique institutions. These include the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.

The school is also conveniently located for students interested in commuting to New York City, Philadelphia, or along the Jersey Shore for internships or job opportunities.

Want to Learn More about the Best Colleges in NJ?

There are so many great reasons to move to New Jersey, and the number of high-quality colleges is just one of them. With so many options to explore, the best colleges in NJ are those that provide the right arrangement for students and their families.

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